Northeast Automatic Sprinkler Company is in its 50th year and third generation as a family-owned leader in the automatic sprinkler industry. In 1965, Bob Odell and Bert Lindvall opened Northeast Automatic Sprinkler Company. As both long-time operatives of the Boston division of what was Rockwood Sprinkler Company, they had the experience, contacts and drive to carry on the same Rockwood tradition of excellence with Northeast Automatic Sprinkler. Now, 50 years later, Northeast continues to serve the greater Boston area and eastern Massachusetts with exceptional design-build and renovation expertise in automatic sprinkler systems, as well as a full range of inspection, maintenance and repair services.

Under the leadership of Bob, and subsequently, his son David who took charge in 1992, Northeast has served a distinguished list of clients including some of the largest, most successful and highly respected general contractors in the Boston area. Family leadership has also helped us retain a staff of expert sprinkler designers and technicians, many with years or even decades of service with us. Their experience, dedication, and skill are essential to the quality and knowledge we bring to every job.

In September 2015, Northeast celebrated its 50th anniversary. With our dedicated staff and commitment to quality stronger than ever, Northeast will continue to provide exemplary and unique service.