The Lundgren Management Group, Inc.

I am happy to share a few words on our relationship with the team at Northeast Sprinkler. We have worked with them for the past twelve years on projects both big and small. What we know going in is that we will get engineering, system design, and prompt service, Northeast has taken the time to [...]

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MJA Construction Services, Inc.

I have known and worked with Northeast Sprinkler for the past 20 Years. The quality of their work has always excelled. In 2007 I started MJA Construction Services. In that capacity of awarding subcontracts I am always confident that they will provide us with competitive pricing and our projects will be completed professionally, on schedule [...]

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" The reason we work with Northeast is they are the most responsive Fire Protection Subcontractor in Boston. As the majority of work we do is Fast Track and in Highly complex and occupied buildings, Northeast can quickly provide the manpower and skillset that matches with each project need. Northeast also understands the challenges that [...]

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M. Holland & Sons Construction

Northeast Automatic Sprinkler Company has a long term business relationship with The Holland Companies. They have successfully completed every project we have work on together from modifications to new systems. The Northeast staff is both skilled and professional which is a testament to the management of the organization and their attention on delivering projects on [...]

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